The Meridian Passport

Whether youwant tosipcocktails at theswim-upbar and indulge ina traditional Thai massage in Phuket, Thailand, pamper yourself at a luxury five-star hotel in the heart of the central business district in Sydney, Australia, or explore Bejing’s magnificent imperial palace of the Forbidden City, the choice is yours. Enjoy a 5-night stay in a standard guest room at your choice of these award- winning participating properties, subject to availability. Your stay includes daily breakfast for two in the dining room. Participating properties subject to change without notice. I N S TA B U Y T R I P S B U C K E T L I S T WHAT’S YOUR DREAM DESTINATION? A S I A P A C I F I C • THAILAND • SINGAPORE • INDONESIA • CHINA • JAPAN • AUSTRALIA • INDIA M I D D L E E A S T & A F R I C A • KENYA • UNITED ARAB EMIRATES E U R O P E • SCOTLAND • SPAIN • SWITZERLAND S O U T H A M E R I C A • PERU • QUITO YOUR TRIP FOR TWO INCLUDES : • A total of 5 nights in a standard guest room at luxury Fairmont and Swissotel properties at your choice of bucket list destinations • Daily breakfast for 2 • $500 Fairmont gift card for dining, spa and other activities • Booking & concierge service 1 0 | m e r i d i a n h s . o r g I N S TA B U Y : $ 3 , 9 9 5 W H Y WA I T, B U Y I T N OW ! G O T O M E R I D I A N H S . O R G